Wes Comfort

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Wes Comfort Standard


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Cargo box lounger for single seat ATV 

This cargo box lounger can fit 2 regular size helmets. Its ergonomic design ensures great riding comfort. Specially closed compartment for gas can or    lunch box. Storage capacity: 25 gal    

  • Sponge grips
  • Rear brake light 
  • Key lock set
  • Security reflector on each side and back
  • U bolt mounting kit

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Questions & answers

Joshua Phillips
8 months 25 days ago

Where do you hook the taillight up to?

Wes Industries
8 months 23 days ago

Please refer to the PDF installation guide on this page

9 months 1 day ago

I noticed this one is measured to the top of the seat, however the classic is measured to the top of the arm rest for height. Are they both the same hight? Is the Comfort significantly higher?

Wes Industries
8 months 29 days ago

The Comfort is 2” higher

1 year 3 months ago

Will this seat fit a 2016 outlander 850 Xp? Also does it have a quick release mechanism to remove seat when I want to take it off? Thanks

Wes Industries
1 year 3 months ago

Yes it will but it doesn’t have the Quck releases needed to mount.