Wes Classic

Wes Clasic Econo
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Wes Classic Econo


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Cargo box seat for single seat ATV

This cargo box seat can store up to 2 regular size helmets.                                         Plus it has a closed compartement for your lunch box or gas can.

  • Security reflector at the back
  • Key lock set
  • Sponge grips
  • Storage capacity: 21 gal
  • U bolts mounting kit

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Questions & answers

1 month 15 days ago

can I add/get a key lock kit for the Classic Econo or do I have to spend the money on the De Lux to get that feature?

Wes Industries
1 month 15 days ago

Our Classic Econo C/W a key lock set

Garry Ferency
6 months 5 days ago

Hello. Can you please advise Wes Classic Econo fits on a 2020 Poraris Sportsman 450. Thanks in advance for your response!

Wes Industries
6 months 3 days ago

Yes our Wes Classic box will fit on your unit

7 months 21 days ago

Will this fit a 2020 polaris sportsman 570 plz ?

Wes Industries
7 months 20 days ago

Yes it will